About Oakdale Residents Cooperative

Oakdale Residents Cooperatives offer you a home that is individual and self-contained, attractively decorated…and a setting that combines privacy and beauty in the public and private lands. Here’s how to live like never before! Enjoy every benefit of owning your own home without time-consuming home maintenance! Oakdale Residents Cooperative brings you this leisure-filled way of life in your choice different home designs. Your new home gives you a personal patio area and a paved parking area. Your landscaping is complete. Conveniently nearby are special play areas for your children. All the cares of home upkeep are taken away! No worries about lawn mowing, snow removal, exterior painting, plumbing or electrical work. It’s all done for you

Who are we 

Benefits of Cooperative Living

  • NO LANDLORD – Residents in a Cooperative do not own their homes. However, they are not renters either. Instead they own a share of the Cooperative, which entitles them to live in one of the Cooperative’s houses or apartments.
  • NO STRESS – The Cooperative entity is responsible for major repairs such as replacing roofs, installing new windows, major leaks, back-ups, snow removal, and lawn maintenance.
  • YOUR VOICE – Cooperative members get the opportunity to vote for the Board of Directors and have input on the policies and activities of the Cooperative.
  • TAX DEDUCTIONS – A portion of the mortgage interest and real estate taxes that a member pays is tax deductible.

A membership,
a neighborhood,
a community within a community,
a means to quality housing
at an affordable price.

Property Stats

21205 Mendota
Ferndale, MI 48220

Oakdale Residents Cooperative Board Members

Cassandra Robinson


Cynthia Phillips


Belinda Royal

Board Member

Shelia Trammell

Board Member

Samuel Vickers

Board Member

Shelley Harville

Vice President

Linda Bell

Assistant Treasurer 

Carolyn Ramey

Board Member

Jeff Cushingberry

Board Member

Ossie Dixon


Fun Facts

-Established in 1964
-Not for Profit Corporation
-239 Total Units
-1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms

Economic Advantages

Tax Deductions
Limited Liability
Consumer Action

Social Advantages

Building Communities
Elimination of Outside Landlord
Community Control
Cultural Diversity

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