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Oakdale Residents Cooperative

Oakdale Residents Cooperative is founded on the promise that cooperatives lead to better services at lower prices, the co-op charges are usably lower that those of similar rental units.
Oakdale Residents Cooperative provides the advantages of home ownership without all the responsibilities. Your home in the cooperative is maintained for you, inside and out, except for interior redecorating and your own private patio area.
As the cost of buying a single-family home or condominium soars, cooperative housing is an affordable alternative form of ownership for many people.
Oakdale Residents Cooperative provides you comfortable, high -quality living at a reasonable cost.  


Building Communities

Co-ops are communities within larger communities. Members share common goals and a sense of identity and pride from working together.

What is a Cooperative

A cooperative is a group of people working together in a joint economic activity that is owned and operated by its members for their mutual benefit.

Oakdale Advantage

Oakdale Residents Cooperatives offer you a home that is individual and self-contained, attractively decorated…and a setting that combines privacy and beauty in the public and private lands.

Here at Oakdale Resident Cooperative you are more than just a resident, you’re a family member. Immediately upon arrival you will feel at home with our personalized service and friendly environment. Each member has the opportunity to provide personal input on major events and projects throughout the community. With each individual basement and patio, you’ll find your stay at Oakdale convenient as well as private.